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Harmony Daycare is a fully licensed daycare that offers a safe, caring environment where your children will get the attention and care that they need.

Our Harmony Daycare is located within the new mall in front of the Heritage Hills community. We are located on the second floor of the brand-new building where the great view of the Rocky Mountains can be seen through our large windows.

We have a total of six classrooms where we can accommodate up to 56 children aged between New born to 5 years.

Our philosophy is that children should develop a healthy sense of belonging and be given a supportive environment where their friendships and learning can thrive. Therefore, we have a great team of enthusiastic and supportive teachers who provide various programs to ensure our children's education and growth.

For more information, please contact us!

Our fully licensed and accredited daycare is for you. Please check our brand new facility and register with us today! We have competitive programs and activities!

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